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Craziness of Life thanks to the pixies and duckies

I'm not crazy my reality is just different than yours!

8 April 1990
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Arch. Major wooh!!! Therefore I don't sleep ever and it explains why i haven't been on lj in months. I'm a huge paire, Malriver,Chloe/Dean or Chlean, Chlark,Bones/Boothe, Chloe/Oliver or Chlollie, Supernatural fan eeeeee, Ruby/Dean or Duby (that dreams a bit dead now though eh). My name is London I like to paint,write,and can't really draw. I love funny/action movies. Comedy big thing humor in a friend is the most important thing screw honesty and loyalness (jkin). I am totally into scary/thriller movies im pretty much up for anything but I can be painfully shy at times lol seriously I've gotten better. My journal will be mostly about fiction not necessarily fanfics some will be but not all and what's going on in the world or at least how I see it! ( if i get the time) I can cook/make just about anything for breakfast except eggs Benedict.
Favorite quote from somewhere "I'm not crazy my reality's just different than yours!"